Ecological Spirulina from La Roquette farm


Spirulina nuggets of hexagonal shape in limited series. Only a few kilos of this spirulina are produced per year on the farm, as most of the production is sold fresh.
Ecologically cultivated under Ecocert label at the experimental farm of La Roquette following the principles of permaculture.
Raw Spirulina, dried at a controlled temperature of 37°C.
Cultivated without synthetic fertilizers with dynamized, filtered and quality controlled water.
This spirulina’s quality is regularly controlled by lab analysis.

Your purchase contributes to the research and the development of spirulina permaculture production methods.
For each purchase of a package of spirulina, 2€ is given to the association “L’oasis de la roquette” which acts locally for biodiversity by planting hedges. More than 400 trees are planted every year. Thank you for your contribution.







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The Spirulina “Le Vert Luisant” of the Experimental Ecological Farm of La Roquette is issued from a very small artisanal production which is mainly dedicated to ecological spirulina culture research and the development.
Gilles has developed for HyeS a technique of cultivation of Spirulina using nitrogen from a methanizer, which now the organic culture of Spirulina in France. A pioneer in the field, he has been growing spirulina without synthetic fertilizers since 2013.

In 2016, thanks to a crowdfunding campaign he was able to develop a permaculture method for cultivating spirulina. This is the produce of that project.

This unique method of culture is based on his observation of natural spirulina lakes. It uses a local strain of spirulina that Gilles discovered in the Camargue. It reproduces a clay substrate at the bottom of a deep basin that mimics the ecosystem of spirulina lakes, bringing resilience and ecosystem balance to the culture.

This culture is not soilless, as with other methods of productions. The contact of the culture with the clay soil (a kind of clay-humus complex) allows a continuous self-purification of the environment by the absorption of organic matter (dead spirulina) which is transformed by the bacteria into mineral food for the spirulina. This allows this crop to be much less dependent on external food supplies.

It is the first culture of spirulina in a mesocosm

This spirulina comes in the form of flakes in very fine cells that are easily used in the kitchen. It dissolves easily and can therefore be used in juices or salad dressings. It can be added to all types of salads, or on already-cooked hot dishes of pasta, rice, potatoes, etc. An original way to brighten up and vitalize your dishes!

“Le Vert Luisant” Spirulina. (Shiny Green Spirulina) But why this name? Because this spirulina is dried and made in such a way that one side is a beautiful bright green. It is also a tribute to an insect that used to be an enchanting inhabitant our countryside and has now almost disappeared due to it’s sensitivity to pollution. “Le Vert Luisan” can still be found at La Roquette! And it is the symbol of our commitment to the preservation of our environment which we express among other things by planting of many trees on the farm.

Particular attention is given in this production to the energetic aspect. After a first batch of harmonization work done on the farm by a geobiologist, the dynamization of the water was a priority. The culture medium is prepared in a huge vortex. After filtration, the water from the well is dynamized with shungite and magnets. In the same hexagonal shape as the petals, a flower of life is located above the matrix (the deep basin) and is drawn on the packages for sale. In 2020 our Spirulina was measured by a geobiologist at over 700,000 bovis; this is simply exceptional for a food. The vitality that this spirulina brings will surprise you.


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