Artisan-Produced Solidarity Spirulina (Burkina Faso)


This crispy flake spirulina has a particularly mild and pleasant taste because it is rinsed with great care during harvesting (unlike most crops) to remove input residues, and dried at low temperatures (40 to 50° C).

Its dark green color is an indicator of its richness in phycocyanine and iron.

Regular analyses in France and in Burkina Faso in approved laboratories are methodically carried out to control the quality.


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The monastery of Koubri

This artisanal spirulina is the produce of the Benedictine monastery of Notre Dame de Koubri is located 30 km south of Ouagadougou, in Burkina-Faso.

According to the principles of the Order of St. Benedict, to which they belong, the 30 sisters of the monastery live a life of contemplation, prayer, and sustain themselves with the fruit of their work.

For more than 50 years, the monastery has been committed to self-sufficiency through the production of yogurt.

Since 2010, the production of spirulina supports their subsistence and their actions towards the poorest in the local community.

A 100% spiraled spirulina of the Lonar type develops in open-air ponds, in the middle of a 40-hectare wooded park, free of any pollution.

The spirulina of Notre Dame de Koubri is cultivated conscientiously, following practices transmitted to the sisters by French experts.

This spirulina is called “solidarity spirulina” because it allows through the association Univers la Vie the distribution of spirulina to malnourished children in Burkina Faso.

The monastery of Koubri is a partner farm that the association Univers la Vie and myself have been supporting for 7 years by buying their spirulina at a fair price, and by offering them technical advice.

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