Spirtonic is a real magic potion that awakens the body* and the mind**. It improves concentration for clear and effective thinking. It brings tonus and vitality during 4 to 5 hours.

  • Improves the performance of athletes
  • Increases the intellectual concentration of students
  • Keeps drivers, night workers, party goers, etc… awake.
  • Appetite suppressant
  • Anti stress


Spirtonic is a drink I originally created over 20 years ago as an alternative to artificial stimulants for techno parties. It increases sensitivity, reduces fatigue, and has a slightly euphoric effect.

Guarana was originally used by the Guarani Indians in the Amazon as part of hunting rituals during which they connected with nature and became more aware of the elements around them.

Spirtonic is very complementary to spirulina. Spirulina is a great base to use daily because it acts on the basic needs of the body. Spirtonic can be used in addition during periods of high activity, difficult mornings, to boost natural defenses*, or during periods of high fatigue***. Its effect are fast.

* Spirulina increases vitality and strengthens natural defenses

**Caffeine helps alertness and concentration

***Vitamin C helps reduce fatigue


1 teaspoon in a glass of fruit juice or water. In apple juice, it’s delicious!

To be drunk in the morning or 1/2 hour before exercise!

For occasional use: 3 teaspoons per day maximum.

Not to be combined with coffee, tea or other hot drinks.


Spirulina (40%)**, premium guarana*, freeze-dried acerola*, ginger*, cinnamon*, cardamom*, black pepper* and cloves*.

* 60% of the agricultural ingredients are organic. FR-BIO-01

** Fair trade

Made in France, in the ESAT of Colombelles (14) by HYES, Akal FOOD

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50 g, 100 g


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