La Roquette farm

Located in Tourbes, in the Hérault, on a 2-hectare site, the experimental ecological farm of La Roquette, headquarters of the association “l’Oasis de la Roquette” applies the principles of permaculture to create a diversified production site promoting biodiversity, personal development and the sharing of knowledge.




  • Spirulina, the source of all life, is at the heart of the project. It is cultivated in full awareness, with organic fertilizers, in an eco-friendly fashion, in a real sanctuary dedicated to it.
  • Its culture medium is permanently recycled (no discharge into the environment).
  • More than 1,000 trees have been planted, mainly local species in the form of hedges, but also many fruit trees adapted to Mediterranean regions.
  • 3 ponds were created.
  • Rainwater from the roofs is collected.
  • Gray water is treated by phyto-purification and recycled.
  • Dry toilets produce humus for the trees.
  • Energy autonomy with solar and wind is planned.
  • Vegetarian, living and eco-conscious food is offered there.

Spirulina permaculture

Thanks to  a crowdfunding campaign* in 2016, Gilles developed a permaculture technique for growing spirulina.
This cultivation method, unique in the world, based on Gilles’ observation of natural lakes, uses a local strain of spirulina that he discovered in the Camargue. This mesocosm culture is not above ground, like other spirulina productions. A clay substrate at the bottom of a deep basin brings resilience and balance to the culture’s ecosystem. Through this contact with the clay-humus complex, the culture continuously purifies itself by absorbing organic matter.

In a continuous cycle, at the end of its life the spirulina is retransformed by bacteria into mineral food for its future generations.

It is with great joy that we where able to confirm our intuition on this farm: spirulina was able to survive for more than 3 billion years, thus becoming immortal despite climate change by taking refuge in a clay substrate.

Research and development

Gilles uses his experience to do research on the ecological cultivation of spirulina. See Research and publications for more autonomy and resilience (in the spirit of the blue economy), Gilles now directs his research towards the production on the farm of all the fertilizers necessary for the cultivation of spirulina. With the help of experienced geobiologists, he also experiments with more subtle and vibratory foods for his spirulina and for his entire sanctuary.


Social purpose of the “Roquette” oasis.

  • Associative shared garden available to all
  • Welcoming woofers (volunteers)
  • Providing training on small scale cultivation of spirulina, locally and internationally.
  • Shared treatment spaces for therapists
  • Spirituality and health& well-being  retreats
  • Celebrations and festive events related to nature (solstice, full moon, etc.)
  • Educational farm: welcoming schools and families (homeschooling)
  • Providing a place for meetings, local association meetings.
  • Collaborative worksites
  • Introduction to the harvesting of wild plants.

The Oasis of La Roquette always has many projects that you can participate in as a volunteer or via financial support.

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