Fresh ecologically-produced Spirulina

Fresh spirulina has a neutral taste, a creamy appearance and can be mixed into many recipes without changing the flavor.

Alive, it still has all its vitamins and its associated enzymes. It acts favorably on digestion and intestinal transit.

Our fresh spirulina is packaged in 200 g bags pre-cut into 9 parts, each corresponding to ones daily needs (about 20 g). Convenient to use, these portions can be frozen to extend their conservation.

Refrigerated shipment of the day’s harvest within 24 hours to anywhere in France

Available by order only; no online sales. Write to

Our fresh spirulina can be kept for up to 9 days in the refrigerator at 4°C. This is exceptional.

This 9-day shelf life has been validated by an independent laboratory.


Since setting up our permaculture spirulina system here at the farm of La Roquette, we have paid special attention to the production of fresh ecological spirulina under Ecocert certification. We can deliver now by Chronofresh to the whole of France.

The rates 🏬

400 g = 36 € + 25€ for shipping

600g = 54€ + 25€ for shipping

800g = 72€ + 25€ for shipping

1kg = 90 € + 25€ for shipping

2 kg = 180 € + 25€ for shipping

3 kg = 270 € + Free shipping


1 kg frozen = 80 € + 25€ shipping costs

2 Kg frozen = 160€ + 25€ shipping cost

Available on site, upon reservation:

200g bag for 18€, and 150g kraft container for 15€.

To reduce costs and ecological impact, we encourage group purchasing when possible. We limit the orders of fresh spirulina to a maximum of 1 kg per person so as to enable as many people as possible to benefit from it.

Every Tuesday, an expedition is scheduled. Your order (with proof of payment) must be received no later than the previous Sunday evening.

Information and orders exclusively by email

Your purchase contributes to the research and the development of spirulina permaculture production methods.
For each purchase of a package of spirulina, 2€ is given to the association “L’oasis de la roquette” which acts locally for biodiversity by planting hedges. More than 400 trees are planted every year. Thank you for your contribution.


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