Frozen fresh Spirulina – 2 x 200g bags


The main advantage of frozen spirulina over fresh spirulina is that it can be kept for a longer and therefore allows for extended and more regular use.

Packaged in 200 g bags pre-cut into 9 parts, each corresponding approximately to one’s daily needs (around 22 g). In practical terms, these parts can be rehydrated and consumed like fresh spirulina in many sweet and savory preparations.

The pre-cut frozen spirulina portions are ideal in super vitaminized fruit and vegetable juices, or smoothies.

Refrigerated shipments made by Chronopost (chronofreeze) which guarantees delivery within 24 hours throughout France. The delivery costs are 25€ regardless of the number of bags ordered.

The 200g bags are sold in sets of 2. Maximum 4 sets of 2 per order.

2 bags : 32+25€ = 57€.
4 bags : 64+25 = 89€.
6 bags : 81+25 =121€.
8 bags : 108+ 25 = 153€.



Our fresh frozen Spirulina “Le Vert Luisant” from the Experimental Ecological Farm of La Roquette comes from a very small artisanal production which is dedicated to the research and the development on the ecological culture of spirulina.

Gilles has developed a technique of cultivation of Spirulina using nitrogen from a methanizer, which has enabled the organic culture of Spirulina in France. A pioneer in the field, he has been growing spirulina without synthetic fertilizers since 2013.

In 2016, thanks to a crowdfunding campaign he was able to develop a permaculture method for cultivating spirulina. This is the produce from that project.

This unique method of culture is based on his observation of natural spirulina lakes. It uses a local strain of spirulina that Gilles discovered in the Camargue region of France. It reproduces a clay substrate at the bottom of a deep basin that mimics the ecosystem of spirulina lakes, bringing resilience and ecosystem balance to the culture. This culture is not soilless, as with other methods of productions. The contact of the culture with the clay soil (a kind of clay-humus complex) allows a continuous self-purification of the environment by the absorption of organic matter (dead spirulina) which is transformed by the bacteria into mineral food for the next generations of spirulina. This allows this crop to be much less dependent on external food supplies. It is the first culture of spirulina in a mesocosm

These frozen spirulina portions are easily used in the kitchen, in juices or in salad dressings. They can be added to all types of salads, or added as a side to cooked dishes of pasta, rice, potatoes, etc.



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