Spirulina inoculum, Arthrospira Platensis


Currently available: Arthrospira Platensis biotype Paracas

To facilitate the cultivation of the inoculum, pre-weighed fertilizers are proposed: N50 food

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Minimum density guaranteed: concentration ˃ 0.5g sec /l, Secchi ˂ 2 cm.

Cultivated in exponential phase, under controlled conditions, and agitated by bubbling.

Spirulina isolated in independent laboratory*

Percentage of spirulina biomass in the inoculum guaranteed higher than 99%

Culture free of Phormidium (contaminating microalgae)

Without straight spirulina (less than 1%) *

Written traceability of the strain possible: sampling, isolation, multiplication sites.

Photo(s) of the spirulina under the microscope

I can offer spirulina producers larger volumes of inoculum. (Quote on request)

Culture medium used:

Sodium bicarbonate 10g/l, Sea salt 3g/l, Potassium nitrate 1,5g/l, Urea 0,05g/l, Monoammonium phosphate 0,2g/l, Magnesium sulphate 0,2g/l, Potassium sulphate 0,3g /l, Iron sulphate 0,04g/l, Trace elements solution 0,1 ml/l, Osmosis water


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