Complete kit for outdoor cultivation of spirulina


This kit was designed to allow anyone to grow spirulina in their garden. It will enable you to set up 5m² basin ofidentical to the one described in the growing guide La Spiruline Pour Tous; Culture Familiale. It can allow the production of an average of 200g of fresh spirulina per day. Enough to feed the whole family, and even friends passing by.


This outdoor spirulina culture kit contains:

1 Growing Manual in French; Manuel de culture : La Spiruline pour Tous – Culture familiale>

1 Tarpaulin of 250u thickness in Polyethylene, dimensions 6,5 X 2m. PE is considered to be the plastic with the lowest toxicity risk (it is authorized for use in food production): food production): This tarp will be fixed by your care on 4 boards (untreated) of 20cm height. It will allow the installation of a 5 to 6 m² pool.

1 Piece of Geotextile, size 6 x 2 m: Thick fabric to protect the PE sheet from perforations.

1 shade net 50% in PE, dimension 6m². Allows the protection from the sun and guarantees a better quality of produced spirulina.

1 harvesting filter made of Polyester, mesh size 30u, dimension 1x1m; harvesting food grade filter.

1 Spirumeter / Secchi disk composed of a graduated ruler and a white disk: allows you to measure the concentration of spirulina in the culture.

4 bags of N50 fertilizer N50 ; allows the preparation of 4 x 50 l of culture medium while waiting to get the hang of it before switching to organic fertilizers.

1 3W air pump + tube and tap. Allows the agitation of small volumes of water (up to 100 l) during growth phase.

2 300l/h Pumps ; allow for good agitation of the spirulina (and better light distribution)

1 Programmer: allows you to schedule the agitation appropriately throughout the day. Plan for the installation of a small greenhouse (or frame over the basin) in order to produce in the best conditions.

If you wish to customize the composition of your spirulina culture kit, contact:


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