Spirulina Culture Fertilizer (Dry Grow Medium)


The N50 Food is a balanced compound ready for use, composed of mineral nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and trace elements necessary for the culture of spirulina.
This mixture is particularly suitable for people who want to start their crops safely and without having to buy big bags of fertilizer.



Composition of N 50

Sodium Nitrate*, Potassium Sulfate*, Magnesium Sulfate*, Mono Ammonium Phosphate, Urea, Iron Sulfate, Oligo Elements.
* Extracts from natural mines.

Dual use

In growth phase: to make the culture medium.

N50 is to be diluted directly in 50 liters of water with 500g of sodium bicarbonate and 100g of sea salt to create the spirulina culture medium.

Make a NL50 stock solution: dilute N50 in 1 liter of water (with low calcium content) and use it to make the culture medium at a rate of : 20 ml/l of NL 50 + 10g/l of sodium bicarbonate and 2g/l of salt.

During harvesting phase: to feed the spirulina.

During the harvesting phase, the NL 50 solution can also be used to feed the spirulina at a rate of 2 times the volume of the pressed spirulina.

Example; 200ml of NL50 solution / 100g of harvested pressed fresh spirulina. This corresponds to 85ml of NL50 solution / 10g of dry spirulina harvested.


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